Gardiners of Scotland

Gardiners of Scotland is a long-established family run business, which specialises in a wide range of traditional Scottish confectionery. From fudges and butterscotch to more exotic flavors which have a global appeal. The natural ingredients used to make the creamy Fudge has been long loved by the Scottish people and people all around.


250g Oval Tin Vanilla Fudge ( Dog, Cat )

The Cute Embossed Dog, Cat Tins with 250g of Vanilla Fudge is a long selling popular item


200g Round Tin Vanilla Fudge ( Butterfly, English Rose, Fairy, Humming Bird )

An English Garden image embossed Tins with 200g Vanilla Fudge. The elegant design keeps this a popular item.


Vanilla Fudge Tartan Ribbon Tin

Traditional Scottish Tartan Ribbon Check design Tins with Vanilla Fudge is great for gifts.


Vanilla Fudge Christmas ( Limited Edition )

An Evening in Christmas designed Tin is a Limited Edition only for the winter. Another great gift item


Please refer willingly TEL +81-78-595-9565 Open Mon.-Fri. ten am to six pm.

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